Solicitor Firm Recommendations

'Extremely impressed with the high level of service received. Emma Pomfret was unbelievably quick at responding to queries and processed the purchase professionally and speedily. I would definitely recommend BB Legal T/A Birchall Blackburn Law (Leyland).'
Lawson, Waterlooville (22/05/2016 11:37:12)

'Happy with service...quick answers received to any queries made and when customer required chasing to retrieve nfomration this was done in good time.'
Colin, Accrington (19/05/2016 16:27:20)

'Excellent service, very efficient'
MARK, Farnborough (22/04/2016 18:02:58)

'very helpful and on the ball. Lisa Royle was very good, thank you'
Laura, Coulsdon (22/04/2016 15:28:29)

'great job well done'
Gordon, Thame (31/03/2016 16:17:03)

Gordon, Thame (24/03/2016 16:28:23)

'Amazing work by Lisa Royle and Paula. we cant thank you enough for the time and effort that went in to this transaction. Purchase of a flat in 4 weeks!'
Gordon, Thame (24/03/2016 10:35:14)

'Very happy with service provided. Distance between them and myself (not a local solocitor to me) was no object and presented no problems.'
Cerys, Ebbw Vale (18/03/2016 12:27:48)

'No concerns or issues'
Barry, Newcastle upon Tyne (09/03/2016 16:02:18)

'no issues'
Susan, Batley (08/03/2016 13:45:13)

'Swift, efficient service - thank you.'
Yvette, Hull (29/02/2016 12:23:13)

'Excellent. many thanks.'
Susan, Harrogate (22/02/2016 12:19:35)

'For me the total use of the net was a joy and new for me.I had no problem following all your mails,and when we needed to contact you by phone it was a joy to speak to a nominated person who gave us time and information..In essence the whole experience was in my opinion perfect and worry free.Many thanks to your team and Emma Pomfret and Rebecca Thornborrow..'
David, Ipswich (16/02/2016 18:47:34)

'That were absolutely no delays or hold ups in the process and i was updated continuously. Excellent service and if i could vote 6 out of 5 i would!!'
Gordon, Thame (12/02/2016 12:59:10)

'you did an outstanding job, well done, and will use you again.'
Tracey, Honiton (05/02/2016 17:00:52)

'very impressed with the speed of service. thank you'
John, Manchester (29/01/2016 09:11:47)

Stanley, Merthyr Tydfil (28/01/2016 11:26:27)

'Birchall Blackburn were very efficient, responded immediately to any queries but yet maintained a personal and friendly service.'
Beryl, Newport (24/01/2016 21:57:20)

'Very efficient and easy process'
suzannah, Newton Abbot (11/01/2016 15:05:35)

'Completely satisfied. Excellent service no stress and all stages explained and was informed throughout the entire process. Thank You'
Yvonne, Nottingham (17/12/2015 21:19:36)

'Excellent. Both Jessica and Dawn were first rate.'
BM Conveyancing, Thame (11/11/2015 15:41:36)

'Very efficient, amazing customer service. Would definitely use for my next house purchase or sale. Emma Pomfret gets a special mention for the dedication to my case'
Joshua, Bridgend (31/10/2015 22:44:35)

'excellent as always'
Gordon, Thame (21/10/2015 17:48:53)

'Seamless process for customer and very happy with service provided'
Gail, Scarborough (16/10/2015 11:56:13)

'Very professional and excellent service'
Suzanne, Leyland (14/09/2015 22:13:37)

'Great service. Thanks'
BM Conveyancing, Thame (12/09/2015 12:43:50)

'Very quick and efficient, kept up to date throughout and was pleased with the on line portal that highlights key milestones'
BM Conveyancing, Thame (11/09/2015 13:59:47)

'Absolutely A1 job by Lisa and her Team - a very complex case!'
Gordon, Thame (17/08/2015 16:50:54)

'Excellent service from Paul and Lindsey'
BM Conveyancing, Thame (16/08/2015 13:55:16)

'Really pleased, was regularly updated both by email and telephone. I didn't need to ' chase up' anything because it was all being taken care of.'
BM Conveyancing, Thame (07/08/2015 13:43:59)

'I found it really easy to use, loved getting the updates, could speak with my customer knowing at what stage his application was and could ease any concerns etc he had. Overall extremely satisfied - thank you'
Lucy, Barrow-in-Furness (07/08/2015 11:29:20)

'The process was smooth and being able to view the progress from start to finish was great.'
Coral, Darwen (05/08/2015 12:52:57)

'Great online case tracking service, kept us up to date throughout thank you'
Naomi, Chippenham (31/07/2015 11:14:37)

'Impressed with the service from start to finish and the very regular updates were a pleasant surprise. Thank you for making a potentially 'difficult' conveyance happen!! All carried out very professionally.'
BM Conveyancing, Thame (24/07/2015 11:55:32)

'completely satisfied with the service'
Paul, Grays (21/07/2015 15:48:31)

'We were very impressed with how Birchall Blackburn handled our case. We feel they could do nothing to improve their level of service in this instance. The person handling our purchase was Emma Pomfret who was very helpful and always available to speak to us.'
BM Conveyancing, Thame (17/07/2015 17:08:43)

Lawrence, Orpington (10/07/2015 12:57:51)

'Excellent service as always'
Gordon, Thame (08/07/2015 16:00:43)

'Always get good service. Customers happy.'
Catherine, Pontefract (03/07/2015 14:41:39)

'Good work, thank you.'
Gordon, Thame (02/07/2015 11:31:45)

'As always a high level of service.'
Gordon, Thame (29/06/2015 15:53:53)

'Very efficient and friendly service'
Gary, Royston (25/06/2015 10:35:24)

'Both Dawn and Jessica were very helpful, always returned calls and e-mails. Highly recommend'
Gordon, Thame (18/06/2015 14:47:53)

'Fantastic service, kept us updated and were very organised and helpful'
charlotte, Retford (03/06/2015 19:20:13)

'Very happy with quick service.'
Gordon, Thame (01/06/2015 13:42:43)

'A very good service provided by Lisa Royle and her team.'
Gordon, Thame (01/06/2015 13:40:10)

'Great job.'
Anne-Marie, Liverpool (29/05/2015 15:40:51)

'Very efficient and excellent communication'
Ahmed, Banbury (15/05/2015 13:39:09)

'fab team thanks Lisa & Lisa for persevering!'
Kerry-Ann, Bexleyheath (14/05/2015 15:47:06)

'Good communication. Timely service.'
Keiran, Markfield (13/05/2015 17:25:34)

'Customers were very impressed with their service and they were very easy to communicate with.'
Stanley, Merthyr Tydfil (11/05/2015 16:51:33)

'Great service as informed by customers. They are very easy to get in touch to and communicate with.'
Stanley, Merthyr Tydfil (11/05/2015 16:49:19)

'Brilliant, really polite and efficient. Emma and Becky were both great and kept in regular contact with me.'
Charlotte Louise, Rotherham (11/05/2015 16:21:39)

'Great service as usual!'
Dean, Milton Keynes (08/05/2015 11:48:08)

'Very prompt, thank you.'
Carol, York (02/05/2015 08:46:37)

'Emma is excellent'
BM Conveyancing, Thame (30/04/2015 13:16:27)

'always kept fully informed and process completed very quickly for my client'
Nicholas, Preston (29/04/2015 14:09:05)

'Absolutely super job by Lisa as always!'
Tracey, Whitstable (27/04/2015 14:40:50)

'Wonderful pleasant professionalism, always available to speak and explain any queries or concerns, very quick and efficient and caring. Words cannot express how pleased I am we used your service one which I am sure from a big company was very personal. Keep it up....'
Alvin George , Treharris (24/04/2015 08:40:23)

'Great service and very fast'
josh, Grimsby (23/04/2015 21:53:40)

'Quick to respond to queries and customer feedback about their service was excellent.'
Stanley, Merthyr Tydfil (23/04/2015 16:37:56)

'no problems'
Lorraine, Lowestoft (17/04/2015 13:09:47)

'Superb conveyancer. Everything went very smoothly.'
Gordon, Thame (14/04/2015 15:22:00)

'Very smooth transaction'
Gordon, Thame (13/04/2015 15:17:02)

'Great Service, very helpful on all occasions we needed help'
Richard, Braintree (13/04/2015 12:58:40)

'great service once again on both sale and purchase, happy client and broker, !!! regards george'
George, Norwich (01/04/2015 15:47:13)

'Always on the ball and chasing other clients solicitor all the time. Regular updates on the mortgage tracker'
Amy Victoria, Middlesbrough (27/03/2015 15:21:29)

'Great service from Birchall Blackburn (BB) with specific appreciation to Lisa Royle and Lisa Goulbourne from BB and last but not least Lisa Gittleson from Halifax who was the introducer contact! Highly recommended for their great customer service and prompt updates on all issues of the process!! Thank you!!'
Anh Phat William, Northampton (20/03/2015 12:51:22)

'Quick and efficient. Very patient when there was an issue with funds at completion.'
Stephen, Morecambe (18/03/2015 16:12:53)

'A fast efficient service. I will happily recommend again.'
Lisa, Farnham (17/03/2015 10:18:24)

'Excellent service, very professional'
Jonathan, Tadworth (17/03/2015 09:51:20)

'Especially satisfied with good availability of BB Legal by phone during the buying process.'
Johannes Michiel, London (10/03/2015 15:37:08)

'We were very happy with the way they looked after us during this transition. They were very helpful and friendly and we would definately recommend use of your company to all our contacts and friends'
Phillip, Nottingham (04/03/2015 10:01:08)

'Excellent service by Jessica, helped in every way possible,, efficient, pleasant and would recommend to any one. '
Stephen, Sutton Coldfield (28/02/2015 19:24:11)

'Many thanks Julie and team'
Sara, Hornchurch (27/02/2015 12:42:43)

'Very pleased with your Excellent service.'
Adrian, Hull (26/02/2015 14:54:16)

'good job on all 3 thanks !'
Michael, Leigh-on-Sea (24/02/2015 16:48:46)

'Thank you for your diligence and support throughout my purchase of 2 Spelvit Lane, Morpeth. I love my new house and feel secure in the knowledge that your work has ensured my buy was safe and will be long-lasting.'
Kathryn, Bishop Auckland (23/02/2015 12:49:31)

'Great service.'
Emma, Cardiff (20/02/2015 12:37:23)

'This was a very long winded sale and Julie was very good, always willing to help.'
Helen, Hornchurch (19/02/2015 11:19:37)

'Quick and speedy, excellent job.'
Beatrice, Bury St. Edmunds (16/02/2015 16:14:15)

'Just a note to say thank you on behalf of Amy & myself for all your help, input & assistance to get this transaction over the line. These aren't easy situations but through your persistence, perseverance & dogged determination I believe that Amy now has a really good title to the property & we're obliged to you for all your help & professionalism & for putting up with us over the last few months..! It really is appreciated - sincere thanks again'
Amy Louise, Liverpool (16/02/2015 13:18:57)

'I believe I recieved excellent service'
IAN, Selby (14/02/2015 10:38:01)

'Another grand job - thank you Lisa'
Tracey, Whitstable (13/02/2015 10:41:27)

'Really pleased with the service provided by Emma Pomfret @ Birchall Blackburn, we will be using them for our house purchase as well in the near future'
Eleanor, Colchester (08/02/2015 19:47:24)

'Very Efficient and met a tight deadline on 28 day exchange. Thanks Dawn'
Elliott, London (01/02/2015 15:08:55)

'Emma pomfret was very good. Things got done very quickly'
Kirsty, Portsmouth (29/01/2015 12:31:59)

'Cheers !'
Michael, Leigh-on-Sea (28/01/2015 18:32:38)

'Very efficient and always available to answer any queries from myself or the customer. Thank You'
Yvette, Hull (28/01/2015 14:51:37)

'Quick service. Customer pleased slso'
Taiyib, Birmingham (28/01/2015 12:56:23)

'Excellent service, highly recommend.'
Helen, Hornchurch (26/01/2015 16:21:10)

MATTHEW KENNETH, Preston (26/01/2015 14:04:01)

'Highly recommend. Excellent service from Julie and team.'
Helen, Hornchurch (24/01/2015 09:19:23)

'Lisa Royle was brilliant whilst aiding us in the sale of 41 Girton Close. Would highly recommend her and the company to all of our clients.'
Beatrice, Bury St. Edmunds (22/01/2015 10:51:30)

'Lisa Royle was brilliant in handling this purchase. Would highly recommend.'
Beatrice, Bury St. Edmunds (22/01/2015 10:50:33)

'Excellent really pleased'
Paul, St. Leonards-on-Sea (21/01/2015 18:24:43)

'Always a pleasure to work with Julie. Highly Recommend.'
Helen, Hornchurch (19/01/2015 14:51:17)

'Hi there, Lisa Royle and Lisa Goulbourne have handled our case extremely well. We are both happy that both were really patient with our questions and email responses. Well done! thanks much, stefan'
Joseph, London (16/01/2015 10:46:35)

'Efficient service, fast responses to enquiries.'
Thomas, Oxted (10/01/2015 06:32:24)

'Could not be happier with the service provided.'
David Clifford, Loughborough (08/01/2015 13:02:40)